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In keeping with the success of our exceptional jewelry collection, Maison Héliora is preparing (Parenthèse)

of a rare piece in (very) limited quantities.


We are delighted to unveil our latest creation, a unique piece designed to honor and enhance your home.



The " Scarab Alpha " - a majestic talisman dedicated to the soul of your home.


Alpha (Greek άλφα) is the first letter of the alphabet. The A as a symbol of renewal, birth or a point of departure.


Inspired by the iconic "Renaissance of the Scarabs", this masterpiece embodies the quintessence of timeless style protection, love and luck. A tribute to regeneration and transformation.


Placed at the heart of your home or workspace, the Scarab Alpha becomes the guardian of your personal space.

This unique piece will bring an aura of refinement, a touch of sophistication and positive vibes.

The soft glow of porcelain with its touch of gold creates a warm and inviting ambience and a singular objet d'art.

Discover the power of this piece, uniting timeless significance and the alliance between art, enduring beauty and exceptional craftsmanship.


To own the scarab Alpha is to own a precious family heirloom. A small treasure.

Become one of the lucky few to own this masterpiece from Maison Héliora, and let yourself be carried away the essence of renaissance through the symbolism of the scarab.

A majestic Talisman for your home.

At your place

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