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Bijou Scarabée Héliora

Maison Héliora was born from the designer’s love for the fusion of detail, art and the creation of emotions.

She values the handmade, the return of the artisan and the tailor-made. Inspired by the flora of Provence and the fragrant landscape, her creations evoke the simplicity and authenticity that unite the traditions and elegance of southern life. Maison Héliora is a philosophy of life, it celebrates and honors the Woman through its Scarabs all handmade and ethically.


In love with Egyptian and Greek mythology where the scarab has an important place, Hanna, the designer was inspired by this symbolism to imagine a edition of timeless jewelry: A collection of scarabs, real Talismans, a protection for those who wear it.

Indeed, the Héliora scarab is intended to be your lucky charm throughout your life and to make shine your inner strength.


Each Talisman, represented by a scarab, tells its own personal story, imagined by the designer.

The apparent fragility of the porcelain creates an aura of devotion around it. The white of the porcelain, characterizes for the designer femininity, peace and pureness. With special care, Héliora’s scarab is transformed into an intimate experience thanks to the magic that surrounds this the magic that surrounds this small lucky charm.

The uniqueness of the Héliora jewelry line highlights the House’s philosophy of creating unique pieces that bring you exceptional value.


Celebrate your singularity through the magic of a Héliora scarab!


"Each piece is unique,

imperfect beauty

like everyone else"


Hanna, German, Artist, Designer and Art Director, in love with creation, detail, nature and sharing.

After 10 years of living in Paris, my passion brought me to the south of France in Provence. Living close to nature, I found a true connection with myself, aligned with my own values. I am animated by the values of the earth, the dynamism of the sea and the simplicity of a whole. Fascinated by the creation of the image and the sign,

I am subjugated by the finesse and the connection between the eye and the heart: creating emotions!


It is here in Provence that the story of the scarabs took off.





"Aren't we all looking to find our inner balance? To radiate life's energy, to feel secure and invincible?


The art of living - mastering all the storms of destiny and, above all, always carrying in your heart your personal haven of peace.


It was precisely this feeling that my grandmother transmitted to me when I was a little girl: she offered me a talisman, my lucky charm, which gave me the certainty that it would accompany me in my life and protect me. The precious, special magic that surrounded this little lucky charm left its mark on me, and I still carry it with me today.


In 2008, during my journey to Egypt, I felt in love with Egyptian mythology, in which the Scarab has an important place. It is the symbol of inner strength - a protector for those who wear it.


I felt immersed in a magical aura and felt the symbiosis of my childhood with my grandmother when she told me about the power of talismans: to carry a particularly unique piece with you, which I feel deeply and invincibly connected to. Since that moment, the magic of Scarabs has fascinated me, and I've started to draw my own Scarab world in a notebook. 

I'm passionate about creating unforgettable moments, sharing emotions and creating memories. When I traveled to Greece, I rediscovered the magic of the scarab symbol, like a mirror of Egyptian mythology. It was an obvious revelation! 


Here in Provence, I felt a deep desire to express my world of Scarabs on paper and literally immortalize it in porcelain. 

I wanted to create an object that would accompany us every day, a unique piece of jewelry like a strong symbol, telling its own particular story. That day, a new love story began for me: the art of porcelain. "

"Through fascinating collaborations with luxury houses as Designer and Artistic Director, I have developed an approach to high precision: a fine sense of detail and a deep sensitivity to materials. 

Like the creation of a brand identity, the Héliora Scarab is a made-to-measure work of art, an exceptional piece of high quality. Unique and sustainable. Each piece brings personal value to an individual. A lucky charm, as unique as the person who wears it.


With my Scarabée creations and the world of Héliora, it's precisely this story, my personal story, that I want to transmit to you. This magical feeling of protection, love and strength that has accompanied me since childhood. 

Because it's always the little things in life that touch us, that give us strength and give us wings.


My wish today is that my Scarabs be yours, and that they become true Talismans, good luck charms for you throughout your life. May you, too, feel the aura of a talisman and carry it always in your heart, as I was able to experience thanks to my grandmother." 



Designer & Founder



The story of his name- in illustration


Héliora is inspired by great Greek deities: elora, in Greek, this name means «light». In Occitan, it means « sunlight» or «sparkling light». It is inspired by the goddess Hêméra (in ancient Greek Ἡμέρα ), the goddess of the day, sister of the celestial light. As well as Helios, god of the Sun at the zenith and Hera, who is the protector of women.

She is a symbol of the radiance and beauty of Venus. 


The designer creates high precision pieces entirely handmade in her atelier in Provence. She favors quality and uniqueness for you, that’s why her pieces are made in small limited and numbered series, guaranteeing you that the scarab you choose will be unique.

«Sculpting, forming, creating, letting the soul speak.»


The designer creates each porcelain piece with her own hands. It is a very long process that requires a lot of exciting work: Piece by piece, each curve is patiently drawn, sculpted, refined and meticulously polished in her atelier.


This creation needs a particular treatment and must be realized in 3 firings in the respect of the Arts of the Fire in a kiln at High Temperature: First of all the first firing, «the Dégourdie» 980°, followed by the glazing and the second firing, «the vitrification» at 1370°C. 

Finally it is the precious moment of the delicate laying of the liquid gold with a brush, which will be fired in the third time.

IMG_7428 copie.jpg
A passion for detail,
for the handmade. 

«Maison» as a synonym for tradition and attention to detail. It is a place, a space where there will be affection, respect. «I wanted to give an idea of character and privacy to the brand in order to create something intimate, inspired by the place, the raw material and the interactions I engage in. For me clay, which becomes porcelain, represents the beauty and strength of nature and generates in me a deep emotion when I touch it and work with my hands.»

«Engraved in porcelain»

At Maison Héliora everything is in the finishing touches: Each piece has its own certificate of authenticity from the Maison. Its medallion is signed and carries its unique serial number.

Capture d’écran 2022-08-31 à 19_edited.j
IMG_5571 copie_edited.jpg
IMG_1693-2 copie 2_edited.png
Limosges porcelain

The heart of the material of the House is Limoges porcelain. Porcelain is the highest quality material in the ceramic family and has a beautiful and durable process. The choice of a material as malleable as porcelain, gives the designer the possibility to create real micro sculptures. 

IMG_8632 copie_edited.jpg

«Maison Héliora is a house that respects nature and our earth, because working with porcelain is also part of an ethical and ecological logic because this material is almost entirely recyclable. I want to make people aware of the beauty and wonders of life. Everyone can do something to help preserve our beautiful wilderness.» 

The designer has chosen the most sustainable and ethical materials possible from the jewelry itself to the packaging she ships it in. 



La créatrice a choisi les matériaux les plus durables et les plus éthiques possibles

depuis les bijoux eux-mêmes jusqu’à l’emballage dans lequel elle les expédit. 

The Gold filled 14 Carats Chain

Gold-filled 14 Carats is the strongest form of gold plating. It is therefore more valuable than gold-plated. Gold-filled contains 50 to 100 times more gold than gold-plated jewelry. Using a combination of pressure and heat, gold-filled jewelry is made by coating a metal base with a solid layer of 14-karat gold. Gold-filled jewelry is therefore much more durable than traditional gilding if care is taken.


Capture d’écran 2022-08-17 à 14.51.35.png
02_insta_helora 112ai 2-90.jpg

Durable packaging


Each Héliora Scarab comes with a durable packaging: each piece is preserved in a hand-sewn pouch, dedicated to it and protecting it. It is packaged in a small box made of recycled, FSC certified, ECO friendly paper.

All packaging, tissue paper and cards are made from recycled materials.


Your Talisman

une âme

photo: Magazine Sillage d'Hermès

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