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Brooch No.1 "Philia

The first Scarab - Brooch of the house.



Philia (Greek φιλία / philía) denoting the state, feeling or emotion of friendship. A strong bond between two people who have fought together. Maison Héliora's brooch is an encounter between porcelain, jewelry and the fabric on which you will hang your brooch.


The "Philia" brooch can be worn in many ways: as an accessory on a garment or, as in ancient Rome, used to fasten a garment. 

The "Philia" piece, your brooch talisman, embodies a symbiosis of two precious worlds.





The No.1 "Philia" brooch by Maison Héliora

embraces the "Elsa" bra by Glase

Together, Glase and Maison Héliora have imagined a unique and captivating piece that combines the delicacy of cotton with the finesse of porcelain. A limited edition collaborative piece. A symbiosis of two precious worlds: pleated cotton meets Limoges porcelain. The essence of femininity, the union of delicacy and strength.


Behind Glase and Maison Héliora are two women, two designers sharing a common passion: to radiate uniqueness, craftsmanship, love of materials and singularity. 



Morgane, Founder of Glase, and Hanna, Founder of Maison Héliora, are inspired by the vegetation of the Alpilles region, which reawakens after winter. A pleated cotton bra reminiscent of the mountains. A light, airy embrace with the highlight of this creation, the Scarabée - a porcelain spindle that rests delicately on the bra.


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