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"Le journal d'Héliora" is a magazine (digital first) that offers you little moments of reading for you, your body, your mind, your soul and your heart.  


A moment of pause. A moment of sweetness to slow down, to be inspired, to honor your inner landscape around artists, ordinary stories, portraits, (recipes,) rituals, unusual extraordinary places... 

A look at art, design and nature that will make your spirit and your creativity bloom.

Immerse yourself in the World of Heliora and let yourself be carried away in an exceptional symbiosis between image(s) and word(s). Between materials and colors. With attention to detail and wonders feeding our imagination. 


A journey for all your senses.

Héliora Muse - Portrait

At Maison Héliora we celebrate our muses - you and your story. 

Through Les Scarbées Héliora, designer Hanna meets women and their inspiring stories that she wants to share with you. They discuss your inspirations, your philosophy of life, your passions and what it means to you to wear a Heliora Scarab.



Be inspired and immerse yourself in their stories.

Be the first to discover the previews
and news from Heliora

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