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Héliora Muse - Portrait

Every month at Maison Héliora, we celebrate our muses - you and your story.

Through Scarbées Héliora, the designer Hanna meets women and their inspiring stories, which she wants to share with you. They discuss your inspirations, your life philosophy, your passions and what it means to you to wear a Héliora scarab.

Today, meet Aurelia Del Sol, our first #Hélioramuse.

Dive into her story.

Aurelia Del Sol

A joyful traveler, in love with life, nature, the sea, perspectives, curious, ambitious and often with her head in the stars.

What is your lifestyle? What's your style?

"I could describe my lifestyle as moving. I love fluidity, movement and light.

I don't wear much jewelry, but all the pieces I do wear have a story behind them.

I like ethnic jewelry, big rings and I also like the delicacy of necklaces and earrings.

I'm just as comfortable in leggings as I am in high heels and beautiful dresses.

I don't like to stick to one particular style. But maybe bohemian chic could sum it up.

I love the purity of white, sky blue, powder pink and black, which is a staple in my wardrobe."

Your Héliora Scarab

Which Héliora scarab do you wear and why did you choose it?

"I wear the Héliora Scarab No 1 "L 'oeil de Vénus". I've been wearing it ever since the first time I put it on. It's my talisman, a skilful blend of delicacy and strength. I love its poetic curves, yet this little scarab feels strong and proud. "

What does your Héliora Scarab mean to you?

" The Scarab is said to allow you to connect or reconnect with your sacred feminine. And I'm at a time in my life when I want to connect more with my feminine, my YIN side. I'm longing for more gentleness, contemplation and soft, reassuring light.

It's as if this scarab is gradually bringing me closer to it. "

What does it mean to you to wear a unique piece?

"I love the idea of uniqueness. Because we're all unique in a world where everything's getting smoother and smoother, where we try to be more and more alike. To live fully who we are, to accept and even impose who we are, I think there's nothing more beautiful and courageous. Our uniqueness is our strength. We are unique beings by birth, and we all have our place on this earth. Celebrating our uniqueness is our greatest strength, celebrating our talents, our gifts without being gendered, with joy, with love! "

Your philosophy

What do you do to feel good? What gives you strength?

"To feel good, I have my little daily rituals. But above all, whenever I can, I like to face the ocean, go for a swim and let myself be carried away by this immensity. To feel supported by the elements. I meditate, move and dance to anchor myself in the present moment! "

Your greatest source of inspiration?

"My sources of inspiration vary: nature of course, my parents, the incredible encounters I'm lucky enough to have".

What is your philosophy of life, or do you have a mantra?

"My mantra, which I have tattooed on my arm: "To live is to be in joyful acceptance of reality".

you can't change reality, but you can change the way you look at it, and that changes everything."

Interview with Aurélia del sol.

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