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La (Re)naissance des Scarabées


After the triumph of Maison Héliora’s Museum, this edition promises to be an equally captivating experience. Maison Héliora is delighted to announce the launch of the «Le Collectionneur» edition of its signature collection «La (Re)naissance des Scarabées».


The special edition, «Le Collectionneur» is an ode to the splendor and symbolism of the house’s scarabs, meticulously captured in bamboo wood frames*, highlighting every detail of the precious Talisman. Each piece is presented against a green background, creating a perfect balance between nature and art.


«The Collector», a masterpiece in its own way. Each beetle is carefully framed by hand. This special edition is limited in number, each piece being numbered to guarantee its exclusivity.


*Bamboo wood, from well-managed forests, FSC-certified

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