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A precious moment for your body,

for the spirit, for your soul

& your heart

Héliora Muse - Portrait

At Maison Héliora we celebrate our muses - you and your story.

Through Héliora Scarbées, designer Hanna meets women and their inspiring stories, which she wants to share with you. They discuss your inspirations, your life philosophy, your passions and what it means to you to wear a Héliora scarab.

Today, meet Iselin Amanda Stoylen. #hélioramuse.

Dive into her story.

Iselin Amanda Stoylen

" I’m Iselin. Creative, artist, herbalist, and a sensitive being. "

What’s your lifestyle?

" I am originally from Norway, but have spent the last 6 years living in the lush rainforests of Australia. I am blessed to live a life of community, connection and harmony; guided by- and in service to, Great Spirit. I travel quite a lot, and always seek out nature wherever I go."

Your favorite object?

"I am quite minimalistic, but the things I do own I really love. One of my favourite belongings is a beautiful ring after my Grandmother that was gifted to me last year. I also have a few very special tea mugs, herbal remedies, a serpent bangle and ceremonial objects that are precious to me."

Your Héliora Scarabée

Which Heliora Scarab do you wear ?

"I’m wearing both Scarab Héliora No.3 «La crysalide» and Scarab Héliora No.6 «Le secret de la déesse» created by Hanna, the incredible talent and founder of Heliora. As they are a gift, they are particularly special. "

What does the Heliora scarab mean to you?

"To me they represent sisterhood and female empowerment, as well as beauty and sacred adornment."

What feeling is created in you when you wear the scarab?

I love putting on my scarabs as they make me feel beautiful and feminine. They remind me of the ancient goddess mysteries of Egypt, which I feel a deep resonance with. "

Votre philosphie What do you do to feel beautiful?

"I want my life to be rooted in beauty, and I believe in creating beauty through all my actions and interactions; from making a cup of tea, doing laundry, or expressing my creative outlet. Through creating beauty I am reminded of the preciousness of life and the beauty that is always available to us. Living this way makes me feel beautiful."

What gives you strength?

" My connection to God and to Mother Nature; My devotional practices; connection to Self."

What is your greatest source of inspiration?

"Mother Nature, always. She is my ultimate muse, inspiration and teacher."

Interview with Iselin Amanda Stoylen.


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